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Work Permit in Dubai

Work Permit in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 23rd August 2017

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Work-Permit-in-Dubai.jpgConsidering the vast business and work opportunities in Dubai, one of the most famous business hubs worldwide, many foreigners settled in the city for these kinds of purposes. Dubai is a tax haven for both natural persons or entrepreneurs, where they can benefit from a special taxation system and a great living. In addition to several documents, one should know that a residence or a work permit is necessary if he/she applies for a job in Dubai. When preparing the documents required for these permits, you can ask for legal help from our lawyers in Dubai. The same team can also provide you with legal support if you want to set up a company in Dubai.

Rules to obtain a work permit in Dubai

The residence or the work permit is issued once a local sponsor is provided and offers a foreigner the full right to stay in the Emirates for an unlimited period of time. A work permit in Dubai comes with a new identification card which can be used instead of the ones issued in the home country.
Furthermore, a person who wants to work in Dubai and applies for a legal permit in this matter must prepare:
- copies of the passport, birth, and marriage certificate,
- proof of financial statements,
- the employment contract,
- a lease agreement to provide information about the address in Dubai.
We remind that your sponsor or employer in Dubai can apply for a work permit on your behalf, but complete assistance and details about the legislation in this matter can be obtained from our attorneys in Dubai.

The benefits of a work permit in Dubai

The work visa in Dubai comes with several advantages, where the future employee can bring the family members to the Emirates. The same permit can grant any foreigner the possibility of staying in the country permanently. Even more, one should know that a residence or a work permit is issued for two years and can be renewed without a time limit or restrictions. Please consider that an entrance once in six months is necessary, in order to preserve the validity of the residence visa.
Comprehensive legal support in visa and work permit matters can be obtained from our law firm in Dubai, so please feel free to contact us.


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