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Virtual Office in Dubai

Virtual Office in Dubai

Updated on Friday 19th May 2017

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A virtual office in Dubai provides the investor with all the facilities of a regular office, but at only a fraction of the costs. This option is suited for foreign investors who want to expand their activities in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates and need a virtual office through which they contact the partners. The virtual office will have a receptionist that will handle all the activities and will oversee that all the matters are treated specifically as you requested.
Our Dubai lawyers can help you set up a virtual office for your business and begin your commercial activities as soon as possible. Alternatively, our experts can also offer advice if you are interested in other investment options in Dubai or in company incorporation.

Business activities in Dubai

The advantages of a virtual office in Dubai are mostly those that involve the operational costs: much lower for this type of office than for a regular company. While businesses flourish in Dubai, there is an increasingly larger number of advertisements for virtual offices offers. However, foreign investors in Dubai should pay close attention to the services included. Our law firm in Dubai offers advantageous virtual office packages in Dubai, suited for your business needs.
We invite you to watch a video about the particularities of a virtual office in Dubai

Operating from a virtual office

The virtual office in Dubai will have all the advantages of a traditional office - the investor will have a credible physical presence in the Dubai market and easy access to local customers and potential business partners. A virtual office managed by our  lawyers in Dubai will include the following services:
- business location in a central location;
- receptionist in charge of daily activities;
- local telephone number;
- local address;
- mail and telephone forwarding services;
- additional office space for business meetings.

Why open a virtual office in Dubai?

A Dubai virtual office comes with many benefits for numerous entrepreneurs who want to start their activities in the city or in the UAE without having to deal with the expenses of a normal office which involve a few employees. The virtual office needs to have at least one employee who will communicate with the businesses or the companies from overseas, such as emails, meetings, phone calls, contracts, marketing services.
Most entrepreneurs who want to carry out activities in the UAE have a special capital gain or are at the beginning of their businesses, where there is no need for many employees, a permanent establishment, and other expenses related. Moreover, an entrepreneur with a virtual office in Dubai may perform his/her activities from home at the beginning, but if the business develops, a traditional office might be necessary.

Who can open a virtual office in Dubai?

Any self-employed or company can open a virtual office in Dubai and benefit from the flexible work hours, lower payroll, extra time and no expenses for employees or for rent. If you want to establish the business presence in the Dubai market or in the Emirates, you may choose to open a virtual office for the first activities, no matter if you have a large or a small company abroad. The virtual assistant gets in touch with all the clients and business partners you might have. We remind that the virtual assistant for your office in Dubai will perform the activities of your business according to the rules and conditions imposed.
Additionally, our team of Dubai lawyers can provide legal assistance for business and can help you develop your company further by opening a new business in Dubai.
If the virtual office is the best business option for you, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai. We will help you begin your business activities in the Emirates


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