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Trade Register in Dubai

Trade Register in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 03rd May 2017

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Any company in Dubai needs to be registered in order to be able to perform economic activities. The authority acting as a Trade Register in Dubai is the Department of Economic Development. Its policy is to offer quick registration options for business owners in Dubai and also to provide online services, with the purpose to ease the company registration procedure and lift any tedious administrative procedures.
Companies that want to do business in the Dubai mainland need to register with the Department of Economic Development. Also, these companies agree to submit public information about them and their business activities. Business people who want to search for existing companies in Dubai have several options. Our law firm in Dubai is ready to provide you with complete information regarding the types of documents that you need to file to the Trade Register and to help you elaborate them complying with the local legislation.

Business registration in Dubai

The business registration procedure in Dubai is straightforward and involves a number of steps. After deciding the business field, investors must choose the type of company they want to open in Dubai. There are several types of legal structures from which a foreign investor can choose in order to start his/her business in Dubai. One of the most popular options is the limited liability company, which must have between two and 50 shareholders and which doesn’t require an initial capital. Depending on your business objectives, you might consider more appropriate a partnership. Our Dubai law firm offers various legal services and our lawyers can help you decide what business form suits your needs.
We can also help you search for the right business name, which is the third step for opening a company. Business owners can check the availability of a business name through the online portal of the Department of Economic Development. There is no waiting time for the approval of a company name by the authorities. Businesses can also be registered online and DED offers various services on its website, without the need to create an account.
The video below offers information about the Department of Economic Development in Dubai:
The business registration process is complete after the company has received its business license. There are three main categories of business licenses for which you may apply depending on the domain of your company.
The most frequent are the commercial licenses for which you can apply if your company performs trade activities. Other two license types are the professional license and the industrial one, for which you can apply if your company operates in the manufacturing or industrial sector. After being established as a Dubai company, the business entity becomes public and individuals can access the public information about it. Our lawyers in Dubai can provide assistance for the entire process of company registration and business.

Information about companies in Dubai

The UAE provides a transparent framework in the commercial sector by allowing access to information about companies. The Department of Economic Development offers the possibility to make inquiries about existing companies in Dubai. There are several search options available online, including search by:
- business activities,
- business license,
- trade names.
The search can be conducted either for the Arabic name or for the English trade name.
Other online resources are available for finding information about Dubai companies. Some of them include:
- the Commercial Directory of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry,
- the Index UAE,
- the UAE Business Directory and others.
The online portal provided by the Dubai International Financial Centre allows for a public company search. The search can be performed according to the company name, registration number or type of company (regulated or non-regulated). This public register also allows the user to search for companies that have been dissolved, are pending dissolution or those that have been suspended. 
The information generally available to the public includes: the company status (active, dissolved, etc.), the registration number and if it is regulated as well as the address in Dubai and telephone number. Public information about the company directors, secretaries and shareholders are also available as well as data regarding the amount of authorized share and the nominal value of one share.
Our law firm in Dubai can help you find information about a Dubai company activating in a certain business field. Moreover you can employ our legal service of company due diligence which allows you to evaluate a company before an acquisition procedure or prior to signing an agreement with it. Through this process, you will obtain relevant information which will help you reduce the risks implied by such business actions. We can also help you register your company with the relevant authorities and manage your Dubai business.
For any questions regarding the commercial legal framework in Dubai, please feel free to contact our Dubai attorneys, who are ready to provide you a wide variety of legal services and professional assistance in the registration of your company in Dubai.


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