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Signing Contracts with a Company in Dubai

Signing Contracts with a Company in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Signing-Contracts-with-a-Company-in-Dubai.jpgContracts signed in Dubai between companies or employers and employees are binding legal documents and the involved parties should be well aware of the duties and liabilities included in such agreements. There are various laws governing contracts in Dubai, including the Commercial Law for contracts between companies doing business in various fields and the Labor Law for employment contracts.
The parties that participate in a contract must observe the provisions of that contract and undertake a duty of good faith. Our Dubai lawyers can tell you more about the different provisions that can be included in a contract signed with a Dubai company.

Governing law for contracts in Dubai

Foreign investors who enter into contracts with a party in Dubai can use the English or the US law as the governing law for a business contract. This is sometimes done because the UAE laws for commercial and corporate activities are not readily available in English. The contract will stipulate the applicable governing law as well as the dispute resolution method that will be applicable, if conflicts between the parties arise during the duration of the agreement.
Arbitration is a widely used method of solving conflicts and arbitration decisions, made in other nations with which the UAE has signed treaties, are recognized within the Emirates. Our Dubai law firm can provide you with arbitration and mediation services or, alternatively, with legal services related to litigations in Dubai.

Employment contracts in Dubai

The Labor Law governs the relationship between the employer and the employee in Dubai and it covers the employment contracts signed in the Emirate. These types of contracts must be concluded in writing and the duties and responsibilities of the employee must be clearly stated. Also, the employment agreement will include information about the probation period, the wage, working hours and annual leave and other benefits for the employee.
Before signing a contract with a company in Dubai, you can find out more about that corporation by performing a company due diligence investigation. Our Dubai lawyers can help you know more about the company you are willing to enter into an agreement with.
You can contact our Dubai law firm for more information about doing business in the UAE.


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