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Residence Permit in Dubai

Residence Permit in Dubai

Updated on Friday 25th August 2017

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Residence-Permit-in-Dubai.jpgFrom the beginning, one should know that the UAE does not offer the possibility of applying for a permanent residency permit, but there are several types of residency visas which can be obtained by a foreigner who wants to establish in Dubai. A resident visa is available for three years, with the possibility of extending it on request. In order to understand the conditions which come with a residence visa, it is recommended to talk to one of our lawyers in Dubai. Our team can also help businessmen open companies in the Emirates.

Main conditions to obtain a residence permit in Dubai

Foreign citizens who are employed in the Emirates, who bought a property in Dubai or who own a company in the UAE can obtain the residence permit. Besides paying the fee visa, a foreign citizen must provide the authorities several documents like the passport, bank statements, the employment contract, a lease agreement or the ownership contract of a purchased property. We remind that the entire procedure of obtaining a residence visa can be supervised by our attorneys in Dubai.

Types of residence visas in Dubai

The employee residence visa or the work permit, the property residence visa, the family residence visa, the residence visa for maids or interns, and the student residence visa are the main permits one can apply for to enter the UAE. An investor residence visa for UAE is issued for foreign entrepreneurs if they invest AED 70,000 in a company, such document being available for three years.
With a family residence visa in Dubai, a citizen from abroad represents the sponsor for his/her family if he/she decides to bring dependents in the UAE. As for the students who want to enter the Emirates, they can apply for a student residence visa, if they make proof their parents can sponsor them during the college. This type of residence visa is renewed each year.

What you need to know about residence visa expiry and cancellation

A residence visa which expires is considered invalid but this doesn’t mean that the document is cancelled. In cases of cancellation of residence visas in Dubai, one must know that this process needs to be done even if the visa has expired. In such cases, the company which acts as a sponsor can take care of your permit and can apply for a new residence visa on your behalf. Please consider that our Dubai lawyers can help you obtain a new residence visa if it expired or you have to cancel it for varied reasons.
For complete information and legal support when applying for a residence visa, please feel free to contact our law firm in Dubai.


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