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Register a Trademark in Dubai

Register a Trademark in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 05th December 2017

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Each company in Dubai must be represented by a specific logo which is normally verified and then registered with the Ministry of Economy and Commerce, the Trademark Section. When registering a business in Dubai, one can proceed with the steps involved in the trademark registration, a matter where our lawyers in Dubai can provide legal counseling. Our team can help entrepreneurs understand the business environment in the Emirates and the registration procedure of companies in Dubai by offering complete legal advice.

How you can create the trademark for your business in Dubai

The trademark of a company is the logo or the image of the business with activities in Dubai. By registering the logo, it means that the owners of the enterprise have full rights of usage of that trademark. Any possible infringements like other companies which intentionally or by mistake use the logo are subject to litigation in Dubai. When designing the company's logo, one can choose varied combinations of letters, names, symbols, words, and images, alongside with patterns and all kinds of colors. Having a distinct and unique logo should solicit complete attention, and besides that, one should focus on how the trademark can be easily recognized in a competitive market regardless of the areas of interests. The video below presents the main steps of registering a trademark in Dubai:

Why a trademark verification is important

The image of a company is strongly related to the chosen trademark. A unique, and representative logo should be adopted when starting the business incorporation. Before that, one should know that it is strictly forbidden to copy and use a logo which is associated with an already registered company with activities in the Emirates, including Dubai. The rules and regulations related to the intellectual property and trademark protection are strict, and an individual should, first of all, make a quick verification when creating the logo, in order to avoid any possible infringements. We remind that you can rely on the legal support offered by our attorneys in Dubai who can help you verify the market in order to choose the representative logo for your business and any possible trademark conflicts.

Trademark registration in Dubai

A trademark which is registered in Dubai is also registered in all the seven emirates. The license is valid for a period of 10 years and it can be renewed afterwards for the same amount of time. Our Dubai lawyers will make sure that your chosen trademark can be used and registered in the correct class. The chosen trademark is published in the UAE Trademark Bulletin and, if there are no objections and if the fees have been paid by the applicant, the registration commences. If the trademark is accepted, the applicant receives a trademark registration certificate.
In the UAE, the registration of trademarks and patents is made at the Trademark Section of the Ministry of Economy and Commerce. The application should be filled by an individual with a registered address in the UAE, but our advisors can help you submit the application by means of a power of attorney issued specifically for this purpose.
If you need help registering a trademark in Dubai or you want legal assistance, you can contact our law firm in Dubai.


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