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Real Estate Litigation in Dubai

Real Estate Litigation in Dubai

Updated on Wednesday 13th April 2016

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Real-estate-litigation-in-DubaiThe development of the real estate industry in Dubai led to a rising number of disputes related to properties in the Emirate. In fact, real estate litigation is currently among the most frequent cases tried by the Dubai courts. In order to provide for simpler resolution of litigation related to real estate the local Government has enabled the Real Estate Court which tries cases related to commercial and residential contracts on properties located in the Emirate. In the past few years, disputes between landlords and tenants engaged in rental agreements have also risen, which is why the Emirate now has Rental Disputes Center to handle this kind of claims.

Settling disputes through the Dubai Real Estate Court

The Real Estate Court in Dubai is divided into two sections which rule in disputes resulted from the contracts related to property rights in both residential and commercial cases. The first division of the court, known as the Major Circuit handles real estate litigation cases valued at more than 100,000 AED, while the Minor Circuit handles cases estimated at less than 100,000 AED.

Petitions related to real estate disputes can be submitted online with the Real Estate Court. Once the claim is filed the judge will hear the parties involved in the litigation and make a decision based on the evidence submitted and the testimony of both parties. It is best to hire litigation attorneys in Dubai for representation in disputes related to real estate.

Resolving rental disputes in Dubai

The Rental Dispute Center was established in order to separate real estate disputes related to sale-purchase contracts, from those related to lease contracts. The procedure to be followed in a rental dispute consist of:

  • -          preparing all the documents related to the case;
  • -          completing a form issued by the Rental Dispute Center;
  • -          submitting the tenancy contract in original together with ID papers of both the tenant and the landlord;
  • -          pay the fee related to the proceedings.

Based on these documents, the claimant will be scheduled to appear before the judge. However, before the case is tried the court, the Arbitration and Reconciliation Department will try to resolve the dispute amicably.

For assistance in litigation cases related to real estate, do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai.



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