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Power of Attorney in Dubai

Power of Attorney in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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A power of attorney is a special document that grants authority and is given by one person or company to another person or company so that the latter will be able to act on behalf of the grantor. Individuals signing a power of attorney in Dubai must be over 21 years of age and have full mental capacity. 
A power of attorney is also used by lawyers in Dubai when acting on behalf of their clients. If a power of attorney is used by a foreign business owner in Dubai and has been issued in another country, it also has to be translated into Arabic in the UAE and legalized. Our Dubai law firm can help you deal with the necessary formalities so that you can use a foreign power of attorney in Dubai.

Rights conferred by a power of attorney

A power of attorney empowers the principal to sign in all capacities for the person giving the power. It is a trust relationship and any misuse is considered fraud and will be judged in court. A power of attorney is usually issued for a specific task and can be cancelled by the executor at any time or once the task has been completed.
Dubai and the UAE do not recognize a lasting power of attorney, meaning that any such document will be cancelled once the executor has deceased. Also, Dubai does not allow for the signing of an irrevocable power of attorney.
Our attorneys in Dubai can help you choose the most suitable type of power of attorney.

Using a power of attorney in Dubai

A power of attorney can be issued for a number of different tasks. Such a document can also be general, meaning that a person will have the right to sign/ decide for all matters concerning the executor. A power of attorney can be issued for buying and selling properties or vehicles, for residency and foreigners affairs, for incorporating a company, for inheritance matters and others. A special power of attorney is usually issued for tenancy disputes, for granted land, for properties, for administrating an establishment or for trademarks.
Our law firm in Dubai can help you draw up a power of attorney for simple tasks of for special procedures. Please contact our Dubai lawyers for more information about this document.


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