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Obtain Information about a Company in Dubai

Obtain Information about a Company in Dubai

Updated on Friday 08th July 2016

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Obtain-Information-about-a-Company-in-Dubai.jpgCompanies incorporated in Dubai need to provide certain public information. The information is submitted upon the incorporation of the company and it can afterwards be accessed by individuals through an online portal of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry.
Individuals who want to obtain information about a company in Dubai can perform a simple search in the Commercial Directory or employ the services of a law firm in Dubai that can perform a comprehensive company search and due diligence procedure.

The Dubai Commercial Directory

The Dubai Commercial Directory is kept and updated by the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and it is a useful tool for businessmen investors, importers and exporters in Dubai and anyone interested in knowing more about a registered Dubai company. The directory is available in printed form, but an online portal also exists, where individuals can search for a company, provided that they know some basic details about that legal entity.
The online commercial directory can be searched according to the activity code of the company, the specific activity (in English or in Arabic), the company name, phone number of address. The online portal of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce also has a search option according to the name of the company or the industry it operates in. For an easier search, the website already has predefined categories for companies.
Our lawyers in Dubai give you more details about the company search procedure in this video: 

Finding useful information about a company in Dubai

Investors who want to know more about a potential business partner in Dubai or those who are uncertain about their trade partners are the ones most entitled to perform a company search. Even a basic evaluation of the company will reveal if there are any reasons for suspicion when doing business with a certain company.
Our Dubai law firm can help you search for specific information about a company incorporated in Dubai. We can help you search company documents that are only available in Arabic and we can also help you with a comprehensive company due diligence procedure. This provides you with more detailed information about a company, including financial information.
For more details about doing business in Dubai or if you are interested in registering a company, you can contact our Dubai attorneys.


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