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Marriage in Dubai

Marriage in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Marriage-in-Dubai.jpgThe Sharia Law that applies in Dubai and the rest of the Emirates stipulates that marriage in Dubai is mandatory for a man and a woman who want to have a relationship, live together and have children. The wedding requirements are different for UAE nationals than for expatriates and, when couples of different religions want to get married, a conversion to Islam is necessary.
Our Dubai lawyers will help you understand the legal requirements for marriage in Dubai and submit the necessary documents for the wedding. 

The marriage of Muslims in Dubai

Muslim couples in Dubai make their union official through a Sharia court in the UAE. The Penal Code prohibits an unmarried man and a woman to live together and this act is punishable by law. The marriage should be registered electronically before the couples goes to a Dubai Court.
At least one of the spouses must have a residence visa in the UAE. They both must perform pre-marital medical tests and obtain a pre-marriage certificate from a Dubai governmental clinic. Other documents that need to be provided are:
- their ID cards,
- insurance cards,
- passport photos,
- other documents, if requested.
Our law firm in Dubai can provide services for those interested in knowing more about the Sharia law or the Civil Law in Dubai.

Marriage for non-Muslims in Dubai

Expatriated living and working in Dubai can also get married there if they wish so. A common situation is for Muslim men to marry Christian women. In order for a Christian to be able to wed a Muslim, the Christian has to convert to Islam first.
Two individuals can get married at a Dubai Court, if at least one of them is Muslim and both are residents of the UAE. In order for the marriage to take place, at least one of the spouses must have an UAE residence visa. The medical examination before the wedding is also mandatory and the parties will also need to provide documents like their birth certificates and original passports and copies of the residence visas.
For more information about marriage officials in Dubai who perform marriage ceremonies and draw up the marriage contract, you can contact our Dubai law firm. Our lawyers are able to assist you during the marriage procedure and they can recoomend you also a wedding planner specialist who can help you organize your ceremony. After marriage, many couples try to have children and, in certain situations, they need special medical procedures in order to have heirs. 


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