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Litigation Lawyers in Dubai

Litigation Lawyers in Dubai

Updated on Monday 25th April 2016

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When a business in Dubai is involved in a trial, the presence of a litigation attorney is crucial. These lawyers in Dubai specialize in representing plaintiffs and defendants in trials and manage the litigation process. 


Our litigation lawyers in Dubai can help you if you or your company are involved in business litigation, tax litigation, civil or commercial litigation and in many other cases.


The legal system in Dubai

Dubai’s legal system is built upon the principles of civil law. Dubai observes the federal law applicable to the seven United Arab Emirates, but has the right to administer its internal affairs and has other exclusive rights. The courts in Dubai are independent from others in the UAE and they include a court of first instance, a court of appeal and a court of cassation. Each of these courts has several other subdivisions. 


In a trial, the courts will begin by applying federal laws, like the Companies Law or the Civil Code. There are no juries in Dubai and matters are brought before one or more judges. If you or your company are involved in a trial, our litigation attorneys in Dubai will assist you throughout the pre-trial phase and the trial phase. Moreover, our lawyers will always conduct a preliminary case investigation, necessary to determine the existing evidence and prepare the case for facing a trial.

Litigation in Dubai

Any litigation in Dubai commences with a summons drafted by the plaintiff and a complaint made to the defendant. The complaint initiates the lawsuit. It is possible for litigation attorneys to settle cases outside the court. Arbitration is an alternative conflict resolution method and is based on the judgment issued by an arbitrator. If your company has concluded an arbitration agreement with another party, our attorneys in Dubai can help you during the arbitration process.

Court proceedings in litigation cases in Dubai

When involved in a litigation case, after the petition is filed by the plaintiff, the Dubai court will begin the hearings. In order to be validated, a claim must contain several elements:

  • -       the names and addresses of both the plaintiff and the defendant,
  • -       clear information about the claim.

Dubai courts usually hear the cases in public, except for certain cases. If appointing a lawyer, a power of attorney must first be drafted. This way, the lawyers will be able to represent their clients in their absence. Starting with 2015, the UAE Government amended the Civil Procedural Code in order to allow for streamlined proceedings related to notification and service of summons before the proceedings begin. One of the most important amendments refer to the possibility of filing claims and appeals (in certain cases only) electronically.

Our law firm in Dubai offers services for dispute resolution in a number of business fields. Our business litigation lawyers will help you settle any dispute involving shareholders, partners or contractual disputes. We can also provide services for criminal litigation and commercial litigation.


You can contact our lawyers in Dubai if you need assistance for doing business in Dubai. 




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