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Legal Assistance for the Protection of Trademarks in Dubai

Legal Assistance for the Protection of Trademarks in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 22nd September 2016

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Legal-Assistance-for-the-Protection-of-Trademarks-in-Dubai.jpgCompanies in Dubai can register their trademarks for a better public perception on the market but also for intellectual property protection. Trademark protection is important because it allows the rightful owner to seek administrative actions against any copyright infringers. 
Individuals who seek legal assistance for the protection of their trademarks in Dubai can request the services of a law firm in Dubai. An expert is able to provide not only information about the applicable laws and regulations but also about the type of registration available for a particular purpose or design, trademark or patent.

Trademarks in Dubai

Trademarks are signs, symbols or combinations of these used to identify a sole trader, business or any type of legal entity providing goods and services on the UAE market. Conventional trademarks, like names, words, logos, images are widely used but non-traditional combinations can also be registered.
The trademark registration process is straightforward if the applicant has a clear image of the symbol to be registered and that it does not replicate any existing ones on the market. One of our lawyers in Dubai is able to help you during the registration phase.
The UAE trademark law protects those trademarks registered in the Emirates and their owners. This guarantees that a Dubai company has exclusive rights to use registered intellectual property under the form of trademarks but also patents, designs and others that may require protection in a specific business field.

Trademark registration in the UAE

Trademarks registration in the UAE applies for all of the seven Emirates. The registration can be submitted for the UAE alone, but other options also include trademark protection in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region and international protection.
Our attorneys in Dubai are well aware of the legal requirements applicable to companies incorporated in Dubai and for those international branches that have opened their operations in the Emirate. Our team can help you from the very start of the trademark application process, beginning with a comprehensive verification of the chosen signs or symbols so that they do not match any others already registered. Furthermore, our lawyers in Dubai can help you submit the trademark application to the Dubai Department of Economic Development (DED).
For further assistance and more information about the legal services we provide to our clients please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai.


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