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How to Obtain a Trade License in Dubai

How to Obtain a Trade License in Dubai

Updated on Thursday 19th January 2017

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The forming of an enterprise in Dubai is a procedure which implies several steps. A mandatory requirement is the obtaining of a specific license to conform to the line of the company. Our law firm in Dubai can provide legal support in the obtaining of the commercial license for your company.

Types of commercial licenses in Dubai

The line of a company or the type of activity conducted by a business is the factor which indicates which type of license you should apply for. There are three categories of commercial licenses in Dubai:
  • commercial license – you should apply for this license if you intend to engage with your company in trading;
  • industrial license – this is a license suitable for manufacturing or for a company functioning in the industrial sector;
  • professional license – suitable for businesses providing services, or for persons such as artisans, craftsmen and other professionals.
Please rely on our Dubai attorneys for legal advice regarding the registration of your company and the license issuance procedure, demanded by the authorities.

Steps to obtain the trade license in Dubai

There are several steps which must be performed previous to the application for the license. An investor must first choose a name and a legal structure for the company. Next, the commercial license in Dubai can be issued only after the owner has submitted to the Department of Economic Development the application form together with a tenancy contract and a Memorandum of Association There is also an issuance fee requiring payment in order to obtain the license.
Once obtained, the license is valid for one year. For a renewal you should get an approval from the authorities. This aproval document you should submit with the copy of the previous licence. The renewal will be valid for another five years.
Our Dubai lawyers can inform you on the legal implications of a trade licence, and they can help you obtain the documents required by the licensing procedure. Don’t hesitate to contact our local law firm for a quick and simple obtaining of the commercial license in Dubai


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