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Foreign Investments in Dubai

Foreign Investments in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Dubai is the most important hub for investments in the Middle East. Out of the eight Emirates that form the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Dubai is the top future destination among investors in the region. Foreign companies use Dubai as the perfect place to set up an office and run their operations in the Middle East region.
Some of the most successful businesses in Dubai and also the ones that receive the most foreign direct investments are services and logistics. Other business sectors that attract investments are trade and aviation, but other sectors like entertainment and hospitality are rapidly catching up to the leading destinations for investments.

Investor confidence

The positive trend for foreign direct investments in Dubai is the most notable proof that the city is a major hub for development and business. Investor confidence guarantees that Dubai will maintain its future economic development.
Foreign direct investment in Dubai has more than economic advantages and it brings some of the following benefits to the Emirate:
- increased trade flows - with the help of multinational companies that create new opportunities for exports and create new trade relations;
- increased business opportunities – market expansion;
- job creation – an important number of new jobs are created as a result of FDI in Dubai;
- knowledge transfer – the Emirate is seeing the newest technological advances.

Free investment zones

Dubai offers good infrastructure and logistics as well as strategic sectors for investments. The quality of life index is the highest for Dubai among all of the Middle Eastern cities.
Dubai has a number of free trade zones, special areas that are tax free and customs duty free for foreign investors. The free zones are governed by special rules and regulations and if you want to invest in one of the free zones, our attorneys in Dubai can help you pick the right one for your business. Moreover, our Dubai lawyers can help you prepare a special power of attorney to delegate the company incorporation procedure to one of our attorneys-at-law or another trusted partner.
Some of the most important free trade zones in Dubai are: Jebel Ali, the Dubai Media City, the International Media Production Zone, the Dubai Biotechnology and Research Park, the Healthcare City, the Maritime City, the Airport Free Zone, the Cars and Automotive Zone, the Sports City or the Design District.
The most popular Emirate has numerous opportunities for investments and our law firm in Dubai can help you start your business there.


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