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Debt Collection in Dubai

Debt Collection in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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 There are situations in which companies must verify the payments made by their clients or partners and, in some cases, debt collection is necessary for Dubai companies. Our Dubai lawyers are specialized in debt collection and they are ready to offer you full debt collection services for companies and individuals.

Our law firm in Dubai will use the appropriate debt recovery methods in order for you to negotiate with the debtor and get back your money. Our team can also support you with the collection of remaining payments and to help you with the follow up procedures.

 Debt collection procedures in Dubai

 When entering into debt collection proceedings in Dubai, the debtor needs to know that they can communicate efficiently in order to resolve any existing problem and be able to negotiate the payment method. We will maintain an open communication between the creditor and the debtor throughout the procedure, so that the recovery will go smoothly for both parties. Our attorneys in Dubai will do their best to help you get your money back quickly.

 Debt collection is made up of different phases and begins with the amicable approach in which the debtor receives a notice for payment followed by a phone call from our debt collection agents. We will try to solve any recovery through amicable procedures, in order to avoid lawsuits. 

We will need complete information about the debtor, in order to make a complete and correct evaluation of the situation in which the debt arose. We will try to persuade the debtor to make the payment, however, if they fail to respond, usually within the 60 days-time limit, we will commence the legal actions for debt recovery.

Judicial proceedings in debt collection in Dubai

If an amicable agreement cannot be reached you can also file a petition with a Dubai court in order to recover any outstanding debt. It must be taken into account that Dubai does not have courts specialized in commercial litigation therefore you will have to file you petition with the relevant local court. The first step of the procedure consists in the Dubai court notifying the debtor through a registered demand letter which requires them to pay the amount and the late payment fees within 15 days. If the debtor does not pay, a trial can be commenced, stage in which all proceedings will be conducted in writing, as oral hearings are not possible in civil cases tried in Dubai. The remedies issued by the court usually consist in compensatory damages.

Debt collection services available in Dubai

Our Dubai law firm can help you recover any exiting debts and will also support you to verify any ongoing payments from customers or partners and repossess any recovered assets. 

Please feel free to contact us, if you are in need of debt collection services in Dubai.



  • John 2016-03-14

    I had no idea you guys offer debt recovery services in Dubai. Great job!

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