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UAE, the Top-Ranked Economy in the Arabian Gulf

Written by: Editor

UAE-the-top-ranked-economy-in-the-Arabian-Gulf.jpgThe past 15 years have been crucial for the UAE's  fast forward development, as there were numerous reforms and investments made, focusing on quality and fast implementation. Businesses in Dubai are easy to set up, and numerous investors have success in their area of interest which is shown in their annual profits. Your investments can also flourish in Dubai if you decide for suitable business areas. In compliance with the legislation related to foreign investments, we suggest you ask for legal support from our lawyers in Dubai.

Top reforms to improve the business climate in Dubai

To achieve the global leader status, the UAE directed the resources and numerous reforms in the energy sector. For example, they managed the ways in which the electrical connection for citizens can be obtained by eliminating the external works between the company and the final customer. This is how the waiting time was reduced and the services improved. Furthermore, the GCG (Gulf Council Cooperation) countries can show off with around 103 reforms successfully applied in the last 15 years. The private sector was the main target in Dubai and still is, as there are many business persons and companies interested in the benefits of the prosperous investment environment. For this to happen, the authorities have put the accent on transparency and efficiency of the regulatory framework. If you want to take part of the prolific business environment in the UAE, you may address your requests in legal matters to our attorneys in Dubai.

A performant economy in the UAE

We can say that the GCC states compete among each other in matters of how economy and finances should present the numbers in the annual “Doing Business” report. The high incomes and the high numbers of successful reforms in the UAE, alongside with the investments made in the past 15 years place the country in the top countries with the fastest economic development. Dubai opens the doors for all investors from overseas who want to relocate here and test the flourishing business market.
For complete information about how you can open a company in Dubai, we suggest you get in touch with our law firm in Dubai.


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