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UAE Offers Renewable Energy Aid Amounting US$1 Billion

Written by: Editor

UAE-Offers-Renewable-Energy-Aid-Amounting-US.jpgThe renewable energy sector in Dubai continues to develop, as major plans have been presented this year regarding the investments in the long term. 2050 should be the year when at least 44% of the energy in Dubai will be obtained through renewable resources. Even more, numerous countries have developed a huge interest in the renewable energy sector and representatives will share their daring projects at the International Renewable Energy Agency meeting this year. The interesting part is that there is about $1 billion directed to local or foreign projects related to the renewable energy solutions. The legislation related to the foreign investments in this important area can be explained by our lawyers in Dubai.

Complete focus on the renewable energy sector in the UAE

An extraordinary expansion has been registered in the last decades in the renewable energy sector in the UAE when numerous projects have been successfully implemented. There are many solutions to traditional energy and technologies continue to develop in a fast manner each year. According to statistics in this area, UAE is the owner of the biggest independent solar power base which definitely contributes to a proper growth of economy among many others. Furthermore, the UAE is a major support for numerous countries worldwide, this year, $1 billion is attributed to the renewable energy sector. Making investments in this sector asks for complete attention and a suitable understanding of the rules and regulations, a matter in which our attorneys in Dubai can provide complete help.

About 110 countries want to adopt renewable energy policies from the UAE

Countries worldwide need to search for renewable energy solutions instead of oil and gas, not only for environmental purposes but also for economic matters. There are medium and long-term projects in which countries from all over the world try to access the investments put on the table for discussions. For a low-carbon energy system and a high share of different renewable energy solutions, the UAE will help several states by providing investments and support in programmes with 10 to 20 years terms, preparing for the next decades as a sustainable force in this important sector.
The renewable energy sector in the UAE is among the most profitable ones, and if you are interested in making investments in this domain, we recommend you to contact our law firm in Dubai.


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