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UAE Launches a Program for Fast Settling of Trade Disputes

Written by: Editor

UAE launches a program for fast settling of trade disputes.jpgElaborated by the DED (Department of Economic Development), the buyer protection program launched by the UAE is an important tool for protecting the traders who import goods from the Emirates. This is also a powerful instrument for increasing the efficiency and the dimensions of the import-export activity between UAE and other nations.

What are the effects of the buyer protection program launched by UAE?


One of the main improvements brought by the buyer protection program is an increased speed for solving those disputes that sometimes arise in international trading. In India for example, Dubai exports representatives have opened an office which can receive the trade related complaints. The processing of the complaints is done by Commercial Compliance and Consumer Protection experts and it is settled in the shortest time. Similar offices function already also in Egypt, Brazil, Russia and Germany. The costs are also an important advantage that the program provides, because it allows the settling of the disputes at minimal fees.

The preoccupation that UAE shows for the improvement of the trading sector has as a result an increasing confidence of the partner nations in a future economic cooperation. Moreover, the protection program allows for more transparency thus encouraging the engagement in businesses with the UAE. Our Dubai lawyers can help you find the legal grounds for proving that your buyer rights have been infringed.

How does the buyer protection program work?


The first step for using the protection program is to inform the office about a problematic situation. Any international complaint can be sent by email, after which it follows a stage of verification of the grounds on which the complaint relies. For this step trading agents need to provide proof in order to sustain their affirmations.

The processing time of the dispute is usually 10 days in which a solution is given to the problematic situation. The functioning of the program is slowly, but surely providing the climate for a more competitive and clean business environment.

Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai for any legal services and in order to inform you on the international legislation regarding buyer protection. 


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