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The GDP in Dubai is Expected to Grow by 4% in 2017

Written by: Editor

The-GDP-in-Dubai-is-Expected-to-Grow-by-4%-in-2017.jpgThe non-oil trade sector in Dubai continues to reveal new numbers, as challenges in the global economy have been successfully passed. It has been registered a growth of 2.7% in the non-oil trade sector in Dubai, making experts in economy consider that the GDP (gross domestic product) will grow by 4% this year. Businessmen interested in making investments in Dubai can benefit from numerous advantages in this matter and can be legally advised by our lawyers in Dubai.

Defeating the challenges in the trade businesses in Dubai

Even though there have been numerous international currencies fluctuations, Dubai effectively amplified the non-oil trade sector and outlined once again its strong position in the top business hubs worldwide, where challenges have been passed. The IMF (International Monetary Fund) believes that Dubai’s economy won’t stand still this year, as the GDP is set to change, expanding by 4%, due the non-oil trade sector which continues to flourish in the Emirates. As a major logistics and travel hub among many others, Dubai has struggled to protect itself from the global economy inclines and energy reliance with the help of a differentiated economy.
One of the major projects regarded the Al Maktoum International Airport in Dubai which serves about 200 million passengers each year, and which was developed with around $ 36 billion. Being an open market for investments, businessmen both local or foreign willing to generate money in the Emirate’s best industries are invited to understand the legislation in this matter with the help from our attorneys in Dubai, who can offer legal support.

The national economic growth is sustained by varied projects

The GDP growth this year can also be related to the attractiveness of the investments, according to financial institutes in the Emirates. If 2016 ended with a 2.3% GDP growth, 2017 will surpass this number by reaching a 4% growth. The economy is also sustained by numerous projects which have already been accepted as part of a major plan, the UAE Vision, which was prolonged until 2021. The infrastructure, the tourism, and the non-oil trades are top areas where foreign investments are expected. 
Entrepreneurs who want to set up their activities in the Emirates or who are interested in making investments are recommended to get in touch with our law firm in Dubai for a proper interpretation of the legislation in this country.


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