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Real Estate Transactions in Dubai to be Concluded in One Working Day

Written by: Editor

Dubai develops the real estate sector in a fast manner due to high demands on the market. Considering the favorable climate for business purposes, and the attraction for properties in Dubai, the transactions are confirmed the same day, but most of them involve a particular period of time until they are concluded. To avoid the unnecessary waiting time, the Dubai Land Department decided to change the rules in this sense and to help investors transact real estate businesses in just one day. Regarding the legal aspects in this direction, our lawyers in Dubai can offer the needed legal assistance on request. Also, our team can help entrepreneurs establish their companies in the UAE.

Several partnerships to decrease the real estate transaction time

The directives are clear in this direction as several authorities have decided to collaborate and offer complete services in real estate transaction which involve foreigners as owners. The Department of Economic Development, the Police General Command, the Dubai Health Authority and the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs in Dubai are a few of the important authorities which are collaborating with the Dubai Land Department for real estate transactions. Reducing the registration time of purchases of properties in Dubai and offering the related services in just one location, are the main targets which are achievable in 2018, according to the representatives of Real Estate Investment Management in Dubai. Simplifying the acquisition procedures represents an important achievement for authorities in Dubai.
If you want to understand the legal aspects of the real estate transactions which involve foreigners, we suggest you talk to one of our attorneys in Dubai.

One working day for a complex transaction in Dubai

Even if at first sight the implementation of several elements of a transaction (translation, registration, etc.) seems hard to accomplish, the authorities in Dubai successfully managed the operations by merging the essential steps in just one place. Offering top-class facilities for foreign investors in Dubai’s real estate field will transform this market into an even more appealing one. Overall, buyers can establish their businesses in the real estate in just one working day without worrying about additional requirements.
If you want to know more about how to buy a property in Dubai or about how to set up your activities, please feel free to contact our law firm in Dubai.


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