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Profits of About $3 Billion Registered by the Dubai's Sovereign Wealth Fund

Written by: Editor

The first half of 2017 has been crucial and successful for the business environment in Dubai. As a statement in this matter, the Dubai’s sovereign wealth fund, respectively the Investment Corporation of Dubai, registered profits of approximately $2.8 billion or AED 10.3 billion for the first months of this year, between January and June. With a continuous and fruitful expansion, Dubai awaits and welcomes foreign investments in a wide range of industries. The legislation related to the business field in Dubai and the legal methods through which you can set up your business may be explained by our lawyers in Dubai.

A few details about the Investment Corporation of Dubai

The government of Dubai is in charge with numerous state-owned companies, among which the Investment Corporation of Dubai or ICD is very important. This is also known as the sovereign wealth fund which oversees the government’s set of investments while growing its potential. Most investments are connected to the respected financial sector (banking, bonds), the transportation field, the energy sector, real estate and the manufacturing domain.

Fields in which developments have been registered

The authorities stated that ICD met a noteworthy increase of 13.1% for the first six months of 2017 compared to the same period in 2016, thanks to the developments in transportation, and oil & gas sectors. There have been registered higher commodity prices in Dubai’s major sector: the oil and gas. Alongside with the growth of the financial area, where the banking operations sustained the expansion, the assets of ICD grew by 2.2 compared to 2016. There have been several mergers and acquisitions which exposed why the sovereign wealth fund in Dubai significantly elevated in the first half of 2017.
The financial sector attracts numerous investors worldwide, especially in Dubai’s free zones where entrepreneurs can have 100% ownership in companies with certain operations. The legal aspects related to this field can be offered by our Dubai attorneys.

Focusing on expansion in Dubai’s key sectors

The investment openings in Dubai are huge and are at disposal of each business person who wants to test the market in UAE and generate profits. The Investment Corporation of Dubai concentrated on each opportunity especially on those that have been highlighted as long-term businesses with a complete potential to influence the overall wealth in the Emirate.
Both local and foreign investors can test the market in Dubai and make important investments. Our law firm in Dubai is at your disposal for legal advice in matters of company registration and investments in the Emirate, so please feel free to contact us.


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