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Over 30,000 New Houses to be Finished in Dubai in 2017

Written by: Editor

Over-30000-new-homes-to-be-finished-in-Dubai-in-2017.jpgDubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Dubailand, Downtown Dubai and Dubai Silicon Oasis are among residential areas which will develop by the end of 2017 with several accommodations already constructed but not finished yet. Being known for the fast-forward development in varied sectors, Dubai welcomes all investors who are interested in the real estate sector, one of the most important fields in the city. Businessmen can talk to one of our lawyers in Dubai for legal aspects in this matter and in company formation in Dubai.

Numerous accommodations will be provided this year in Dubai

The real estate sector in Dubai opens all doors for entrepreneurs who want to make money in this domain. Small or major developers have already set out their plans in the real estate area and developed around 30,000 units which are going to be available on the market by the end of 2017. There will be numerous houses for rent and for sale in Dubai in well-known zones like Dubai Marina or Palm Jumeirah, and also in the areas around Dubai, as the authorities in construction have accepted several real estate projects.
About 24,259 studios, 2,365 houses and 3,778 villas are already in progress, according to statistics and numbers provided by subcontractors and real estate developers. It is good to know that even if delays from several reasons are taken into consideration, the project managers still think that the plans will be issued by the end of this year. Any business person who wants to make investments in the real estate sector is invited to ask for complete legal assistance from our attorneys in Dubai.

Quarter 2 in real estate field compared to Quarter 3

About 11,000 houses will be delivered in the third quarter of 2017 according to specialists in real estate who also mentioned that over 3,500 accommodations were ready in the first quarter of this year, and around 3,100 for the Q2. According to estimations, this number can be possible because numerous projects have been accepted since last year.
Let us remind that you can get in touch with our law firm in Dubai for legal services in varied matters, including investments in the real estate sector in the Emirates.


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