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Obtain the Residence Permit for Investors in Dubai

Written by: Editor

Obtain-the-Residence-Permit-for-Investors-in-Dubai.jpgForeign citizens who make investments in Dubai can obtain the residence permit and can benefit from the rights which come with such an important document. Buying properties or opening investment funds can be suitable options for foreigners interested in a residence permit in Dubai. There are several conditions to take into consideration once you have decided to apply for a residence permit which can be explained by our lawyers in Dubai. Our team can also provide you with complete support in registering your company in Dubai, no matter the type of structure or activity.

What you need to know about residence permits for investors 

Obtaining the residence permit as an investor in Dubai is known as an easy method to become a permanent resident, but focusing on the requirements in this matter. For example, a businessman can invest from 300,000 to 1 million Euros, in order to apply and receive a residence permit in Dubai. Even though the procedure might extend for about six months, the resident status in Dubai is guaranteed and the individual is also registered for tax purposes, if any. Opening a company in Dubai represents a suitable method of obtaining the residence permit in Dubai because the individual is considered an investor in the city, even if he/she has no activity for the moment. We remind that if you want to obtain the residence permit in Dubai, it is suggested to understand the rules in this matter and to ask for legal help from our attorneys in Dubai.

Benefits of a residence permit in Dubai

The resident status in Dubai comes with varied advantages as guaranteed by the authorities in charge with the immigration in the Emirates, and the government. For instance, as soon as you receive the residence permit in Dubai, you are allowed to bring your family in the UAE who can also receive the status of permanent residents. We remind that natural persons who work and live in Dubai are not subject to any taxes.
If you want to make investments in Dubai and receive a residence permit, please do not hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai for complete information.


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