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New Economic Opportunities in Trade Relations between UAE and India

Written by: Editor

New Economic Opportunities in Trade Relations between UAE and India.jpg

Mutual relations between UAE and India are in a very positive trend. The signing of 14 agreements at the beginning of this year is a clear sign that the two economies have in plan a long term relationship. The cooperation is planned for maritime transport as well as for the collaborative use of common storage facilities. The collaboration between the two nations relies as well on up to 58 billion $ commercial trade annually

Improvements of transportation between UAE and India

The negotiations between the leaders of the two nations have led to the signing of an agreement referring to the transportation between UAE and India. As such, the customs procedure has been simplified in order to permit a speed up of the trade process. The company owners in Dubai have advantageous conditions for entering the Indian market this year. Other formalities have also been reduced so that the commercial activity to be more simple and accessible to the local companies.
The adoption of the transportation agreement grants a sustainable trading between UAE and India and aims at encouraging investments. As a business owner in the UAE, you can profit from the facilitation of international trade in order to extend your commercial activity towards India. Our law firm in Dubai can help you become familiarized with the afferent legislation and be aware of the provisions applying to the UAE - India trade relationships

An overview of the trade relations between India and the UAE

The two nations are not only neighbors, but they also have a long trading history. This is why the transport authorities in both countries finally decided for mutual recognition of the certificates of competency. 
Another sign of strong trade ties is that UAE is going to open in Mumbai an office responsible for the registration of new companies. This measure intends to respond to the high demand of the Indian companies who make 29% of the entities registered in Dubai in 2016. 
The two nations plan to collaborate as well in the food sector as well as in construction and tourism, domains in which trade plays a major role.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Dubai lawyers for more information regarding the legal context for trade between India and the UAE.   


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