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Massive increase of Chinese and Russian tourists visiting Dubai

Written by: Editor

Massive increase of Chinese and Russian tourists visiting Dubai.jpg

The tourism sector is one of the most popular non-oil commercial businesses in the UAE, which ensures Dubai financial gains and a constant rate of development. In the last years, the growth in this sector has exceeded 11% annually, which was a significant increase that left traces in the economic activity of the country. Dubai is more and more a favorite destination for visitors from China and Russia, and they are expected to be a key driver for this sector in the following years as well. Investors in tourism can rely on our Dubai lawyers for more information regarding various legal procedures such as company formation or business visa application.

Overview of the tourism sector in the UAE

The Russian tourists in Dubai have already surpassed up till now the number who visited the city last year. A similar thing happened as well with the growth in number of the Chinese visitors who are already more frequent in 2017 than in the previous years. In total, this year, 4.57 million tourists visited Dubai a number which exceeds already the 4.1 million visitors, a year earlier. A key factor which encouraged tourism in the UAE was the increased affordability of this destination for foreign visitors.
The growth of the tourism sector was confirmed as well by the Emirates NBD - Dubai Economy Tracker who noticed the significant demand growth and output of this business sector in the first part of this year.
Increases registered in tourism generate also a growth of the profits in other commercial domains, such as manufacturing and accommodation. Wholesale, retail and construction industries have also registered a significant evolution. Our attorneys in Dubai provide tax planning and legal support for foreign investors in the UAE.

More reasons for tourists to visit UAE

The simplification of the visa application procedure and the speed up of the obtaining process were some of the factors which encouraged the Chinese and Russian visitors to choose UAE as a destination of holiday. At our law firm in Dubai you may find additional information on the visa requirements in the UAE.
The facilities provided by the country in terms of tourism are also one of the reasons for which Dubai and related regions are very attractive touristic locations.
Don’t hesitate to contact our Dubai lawyers for more information regarding the particularities of UAE legislation concerning tourism and the formation of a company in this sector. 


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