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How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai

Written by: Editor

How-to-Open-a-Bank-Account-in-Dubai.jpgBusinessmen who want to start their activities in Dubai, whether they are from the UAE or from overseas should consider opening a bank account for the minimum share capital if required, and for further financial transactions. There are numerous banks in the Emirates from which an entrepreneur can choose, considering that each financial institution respects the provisions of the Banking Law in the UAE. Our lawyers in Dubai can help you set up a bank account for your company in Dubai.

How to choose the proper bank for your business in Dubai

First of all, one should verify whether the chosen bank is reliable or not, if the costs of the banking services are acceptable, and if the institution offers internet banking services, which are nowadays important and necessary for all types of firms. Please consider that for opening a bank account in Dubai, there is no need for the future client to meet with a bank officer if he/she lives outside the UAE. A representative of your company with a power of attorney should be appointed for such operation, a matter where our team of Dubai lawyers can help.

Necessary documents for opening a bank account in Dubai

Depending on the banks, there are specific requirements to consider when preparing the needed documents for opening a business account. Here are the main documents our attorneys in Dubai can help you arrange:
•    passport copy;
•    details about the address of the business;
•    information about the company’s profile to set up the type of transactions;
•    a letter of recommendation from another bank, if another account is already settled.
Please keep in mind that several other documents might be requested if the bank considers more information is necessary. 

We can help you open a bank account in Dubai

Considering the necessities of a businessman in Dubai, and the type of activities a company will have, our advisors will help him/her choose a suitable financial institution. Entrepreneurs from abroad who want to do business in Dubai can rely on our services when opening a bank account, as our consultants can be representatives with a power of attorney in such matter.
Please feel free to contact our law firm in Dubai for additional information about how to open a bank account in Dubai.


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