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Dubai Strengthens the Business Collaboration with Latin America

Written by: Editor

Dubai-Strengthens-the-Business-Collaboration-with-Latin-America.jpgThe Emirates and Latin America want to reinforce their economic relations by introducing a new representative office in Argentina, as the delegates of both countries announced earlier this year. With a fruitful collaboration in the past, the UAE and the Latin America will be part of a new trade assignment which involves trade activities in the main economic sectors like agriculture, tourism, finance, IT or infrastructure. With this important project, numerous investments are expected to rise and to develop in the following years. If you are interested in making investments in Dubai or you need tax advice for your company, it is best to solicit complete information in this matter from our lawyers in Dubai.

Why did this partnership need to be fortified?

The recent reforms in Argentina and Brazil helped the two countries recover from the economic crisis which started in 2008 and to develop and strengthen the economic growth. The non-oil exchange between Dubai and Argentina registered interesting numbers last year, such as $ 188,000,000, this sector being credited for further expansion, according to the new terms of the collaboration. Moreover, Argentina is focused on identifying new investment opportunities in Dubai by establishing its presence in the Arabian market with brand new companies.
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The UAE – Argentina collaboration will double its trade volume in the next years

The representatives of the UAE and Argentina agreed that both countries have numerous sectors to invest in and many other fields which can develop potential. Besides that, the UAE and Argentina started a debate by agreeing on new conventions related to taxation, energy and trading activities. An agreement on a joint business council has also been signed between the UAE and Argentina. The same important meeting concluded with the acceptance of a hydroelectric project which will develop in Argentina with the help of the Arabian investments. The automotive and the infrastructure sectors are top priorities on the lists of the two countries that recently signed for a new and fruitful collaboration.
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