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Dubai, one of the world’s most competitive maritime clusters

Written by: Editor

Dubai one of the world’s most competitive maritime CLlusters.jpg

Dubai ranks in the international surveys among the top five maritime clusters in terms of competitivety. In the indexes of this year, Dubai has occupied the fifth place, which means the city has ascended three places compared to last two years. More investors are attracted to invest in the maritime industry and the friendly tax climate of the emirate encourages their initiatives. Our lawyers in Dubai can provide assistance in company formation procedures in Dubai and help you with information regarding the local maritime the local maritime legislation.

Attractive points of Dubai maritime industry

Dubai has grown recently in terms of maritime technology. The development of this area is not only significant, but also very fast. In less than two years, Dubai has moved from rank 15 upwards with one position and has become one of the most modern centers in terms of industrial science and hi tech maritime components in the world.

Ship building is one of the sectors in which investors continue to pomp more and more financial resources, following the promising perspectives. Companies allocate important percentages of their budget for ship construction plans for the next several years. 

Our law firm in Dubai provides to foreign investors legal counseling regarding the Dubai maritime industry and offers a wide range of additional legal services.

Overview of the legal framework for maritime industry in Dubai

The geographic position of Dubai grants to the city and its investors a natural location for port activities. In addition to this advantage, the authorities encourage and sustain the improvements in the maritime commercial area through governmental programs and a transparent legal framework.

The Dubai Maritime Sector Strategy is the document which explains the authorities’ goals regarding the development of the maritime cluster in Dubai. It imposes as well a set of regulations and a licensing system for the investors operating in this industry. The introduction of a new arbitration center for the maritime industry in Dubai was another important measure which showed the interest of the national policy to keep the maritime industry a transparent and safe business area for foreign investors.

Don’t hesitate to contact our attorneys in Dubai for updates regarding the evolution of the maritime industry in Dubai.


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