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Dubai Investments Park: Foreign Ownership Limit in the Company Raised from 35% to 49%

Written by: Editor

Dubai Investments Park represents a high-quality project which comprises the commercial, residential and the industrial activities in only one place. It is also considered a city built in a city, as the center is controlled by Dubai Investments Park Development Company LLC. With remarkable services and infrastructure, many foreign entrepreneurs decide to relocate in this area for business purposes. Because it is a successful project, the authorities have decided to raise the limit of ownership in foreign companies, this way encouraging, even more, the foreign investments. Business persons interested in placing their activities in Dubai Investments Park or in Dubai’s free zones are suggested to ask for legal support from our lawyers in Dubai.

Supporting investors from abroad to expand in Dubai Investments Park

The incorporation of a company in Dubai has fewer formalities but important requirements. For example, in a limited liability company, the foreign ownership is in a proportion of 49 percent, the rest of 51% representing the shares of a local entrepreneur in the Emirates, but that it is not an impediment for overseas business persons who expand their activities in the Arabian market. In Dubai’s free zones the ownership in a company is 100% foreign. As for Dubai Investments Park, the things have changed recently, due to an agreement regarding the percent of the foreign ownership of a business. In this matter, the ownership limit moved up from 35% to 49%, this improvement aiming for a higher interest of investors from abroad, as the authorities stated. This represents a large amendment set at the end of 2017 which is part of a plan that intends to direct the attention of the international players to Dubai Investments Park, a successful project in the UAE. 
With a permissive legislation regarding the foreign investments which can be entirely explained by our attorneys in Dubai, businessmen can effortlessly place their money in the main industries in the UAE with profits which in many cases are above expectations. You may solicit legal services for your company of future business from our local advisors.

Revising restrictions for future developments in Dubai

The concept of living and working in the same place was successfully implemented in Dubai Investments Park, a project which advanced rapidly in a short period of time. This is one of the reasons why the owners decided to raise the foreign ownership rate from 35% to 49%. At the beginning, when the project was set in 2000, the ownership limit was 20%, rising to 35% 14 years later.
If you plan a business in Dubai Investments Park or in any field of interest in the UAE, we recommend you get in touch with our law firm in Dubai for complete legal support.


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