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Dubai Investment Park, a Growing Business Destination

Written by: Editor

Dubai-Investment-Park-a-growing-business-destination.jpgAs a well-developed business hub, Dubai needed an integrated industrial community, and now, the Dubai Investments Park is the preferred destination for many investors in search of a proper business place in the Emirates. There are numerous companies which activate in the main areas of interests in Dubai, like, construction, textiles, oil & gas or chemicals and decide to rent warehouses in the Dubai Investments Park. If you are interested in opening a company in Dubai and you need to understand the rules and the regulations in this matter, it is recommended to ask for information from our lawyers in Dubai.

The industrial zone in Dubai continues to develop

More than 98% of DIP’s (Dubai Investments Park) space for rent represents the industrial zone where big companies worldwide are having activities. About 5,000 enterprises are operational and can be found in Dubai’s biggest warehouse area, which actually is a well-integrated community. This year started with more than 280 sub-renters registered in the DIP, according to statistics in this matter, as numerous businessmen from overseas agree on the benefits that come with the lease contracts. Even tenants settled a few years ago decided to expand their warehouse spaces this year, clarifying that DIP will continue to develop in 2017. We remind that any businessman interested in renting warehouses in Dubai Investments Park should properly analyze the contract before signing it, a matter in which our attorneys in Dubai can offer legal support.

DIP, a place with money well-spent

The Dubai Investments Park was planned to facilitate the mission of companies in search of a proper place for their activities. About AED 4 billion was invested in DIP in the last few years, where infrastructure, education, healthcare, accommodation and other lifestyle facilities have been successfully implemented, according to the international standards imposed. We remind that small, medium and large companies from overseas can consider the benefits and the facilities of Dubai Investments Park, including the ones related to the possibility of creating their own warehouses.
Please feel free to contact our law firm in Dubai for complete information about the legislation on foreign investments.


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