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Dubai, Among Top 10 Cities in Attracting FDI

Written by: Editor

Dubai-among-top-10-cities-in-attracting-FDI.jpgIf you say Dubai, you say a developed and attractive city, a significant business hub which seems to expand every second. There is a multitude of interesting opportunities in Dubai, which can be discovered and accepted by financiers worldwide in search of good profits. The city has registered an interesting number related to the foreign direct investments, being positioned on the seventh place among worldwide municipalities where huge investments were recorded. Local or overseas businessmen interested in investing in the UAE should solicit legal advice and financial information from our lawyers in Dubai.

About $10 million FDI registered in Dubai

Maintaining a solid position among developed and attractive countries in the world was not that hard for the Emirates, making Dubai a preferred and appreciated business center by entrepreneurs willing to establish their presence on the Arabian market and explore the ways of generating money. With around 300 new investment projects, Dubai succeeded to strengthen the local economy which is considered the main engine in the UAE. Besides that, countries like Singapore, France, Spain, Germany, US or UK have been left behind regarding the FDIs in 2016.  Individuals who want to make investments in the UAE and especially in Dubai are invited to ask for guidance in this matter and also for complete legal advice while registering an enterprise from our attorneys in Dubai.

The main investment sectors in Dubai

Although the tourism in Dubai is considered the key sector where most of the investments are made, it seems like other important areas strongly advance and offer complete interest for those in search of fast gains due to solid investments. For instance, the financial, the FMCG sector and many others seemed to have received full attention due to their enormous potential. Therefore, more than 70% of the total foreign direct investments in Dubai for 2016 represented effective and valued projects with complete success from the beginning. Moreover, according to statistics and economists in the UAE, numerous investments have been made in technology start-ups, a trend which continues with the same interest in 2017.
Our law firm in Dubai can provide you with legal advice and complete information if you are interested in making investments in Dubai, so please feel free to contact us.


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