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About $15 Billion From Non-Oil Trade Between the UAE and Japan

Written by: Editor

About-$15-milion-from-non-oil-trade-between-the-UAE-and-JAPAN.jpgThe UAE and Japan have always tried to maintain fruitful economic relations and succeeded to focus on the mutual welfares during the past years. According to the UAE’s new report on the economy, the non-oil trade between the two powerful countries has recorded a historical high, about $15 billion. Businessmen interested in trading activities in China should solicit guidance and legal advice from our lawyers in Dubai. You may also ask details about the investment occasions you can discover in the UAE.

Raised confidence in the business sector UAE - Japan

The trade policy of Japan has been recently analyzed by the authorities in the UAE which recognized the current developments and the continuous improvements and investments in climate and renewable energy. The non-oil trade between the UAE and Japan started many years ago and it is considered extremely significant for both countries, the registered numbers being a proof of a continuously work and collaboration for economic stability and investment opportunities.
The UAE exports in Japan are vast and consist of chemical products, vehicles, machinery parts, and even solid storage devices among numerous others. Even though the GDP (gross domestic product) in Japan encountered low numbers a couple of years ago, this was not an obstacle for the UAE to assure its position and support, on the contrary, the power of investment seemed natural and the proper way of strengthening the collaboration. As many investment chances arise in a fast manner in the UAE, we invite you to benefit from them, but with complete guidance and recommendation, besides legal support from our attorneys in Dubai.

The UAE and Japan are strong trading partners

Japan is known as the fourth largest importer and exporter of any kind in the world, where the UAE is a solid associate in this important sector. Moreover, the non-oil trade between the UAE and Japan flourished due to the proper and unchanged policies and points as established many years ago.
Companies in Dubai need financial consultancy in tax compliance, which is why we recommend you contact our law firm in Dubai for complete assistance.


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