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A Promising Start for the Real Estate Market in Abu Dhabi in 2017

Written by: Editor

A Promising Start for the Real Estate Market in Abu Dhabi in 2017.jpg

The real estate domain is a promising and fast evolving business sector in the UAE. The growing interest in the property acquisition is also doubled by a supportive policy from the Emirates authorities. Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) facilitates the commercialization of real estate also through the organization of sale events which are expected to lead to a significant growth of the market this year. If you operate in the real estate area it is recomendable to consider as well an investment in the Emirates.

UAE policies encouraging the development of real estate markets

The UAE has introduced in 2016 a new Property Law in order to support the development of the real estate market. The main provisions of the law aim to improve the security of the property acquisition by imposing a bigger transparency of the transactions. Through the organization of real estate sale events, almost 70% of the properties launched are sold from the stand. 
The attention that the authorities give to the real estate sector is definitely helping a lot its development. Not only individuals consider more and more often to invest in a property, but also companies in the UAE and enterprises that need large locations for the operation of their activity.  
Our attorneys in Dubai can offer real estate due diligence and other legal services for local and foreign investors in the UAE. 

Real estate development in the free zones

The free zones in Dubai are well known for the inviting economic policies and flexible commercial climate they provide and this is not the only thing which attracts developers in the region. Moreover the free zones have as well a powerful influence on the promotion of the real estate. This situation raises the standards and the competition in this sector, attracting the best professionals in several domains such as architecture, engineering, real estate brokerage etc. As a consequence to the motivating conditions provided by Dubai, the investments in the real estate market have grown day by day. 
Don’t hesitate to contact our law firm in Dubai for more information regarding the elaboration of a purchase agreement signed along with the acquisition of a new property in the UAE.


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