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A New Record of Foreign Tourists in Dubai in First Half of 2017

Written by: Editor

A-New-Record-of-Foreign-Tourists-in-Dubai-in-First-Half-of-2017.jpgDubai continues to be a preferred destination worldwide, as the tourism revealed significant developments in the past few years. There has been a new record registered in the first six months of this year regarding the tourists who have chosen Dubai for business or for leisure. With a 10.6% growth compared to 2016, Dubai continues with the same trend, as this important sector accelerates each year. Numerous investors from abroad decide to develop several businesses in the UAE, considering the varied opportunities in many sectors. Complete legal guidance in this matter can be obtained from our lawyers in Dubai.

Excellent performances registered in only 6 months

The Department of Tourism and Commerce Marketing in Dubai have shown interesting statistics regarding the visitors in Dubai and the registered growth. An interesting fact is that over one million Indians have entered the UAE and visited Dubai from January to June, meaning a 21% growth compared to last year, ranking on the first position among foreign tourists in the Emirates. Saudi Arabia and the UK are the next countries which complete the top three states of citizens who visited Dubai in the first 6 months of the year.
The authorities have lately improved the conditions for Chinese and Russian citizens regarding the visas to enter the Emirates. More than 200,000 Russians and about 400,000 Chinese people visited Dubai in the first half of the year. As for the citizens from Western Europe countries who visited Dubai, a 21% growth has been registered. 
Dubai is known for its diversity regarding the people who live or spend their vacation here, the authorities working in a continuous manner to develop, improve and implement varied programs to attract tourists. If you are interested in making investments in Dubai, make sure to solicit legal support and complete information about the legislation in this matter from our attorneys in Dubai.

The reasons why tourism flourished in a fast manner in Dubai

Besides strategic investments, new policies regarding the visas, and promotional programmes, Dubai offers top conditions and facilities for visitors worldwide. The authorities have diminished the barriers regarding the travel documents, which is why people from South Asia or Eastern Europe can enter the Emirates without facing several conditions or waiting a certain period to receive the visas.
There have been recorded new developments in the accommodation sector, where investors from abroad have focused on building hotels and resorts in Dubai’s heaven. In this moment, there are more than 676 establishments in Dubai, all of them destined for tourism purposes.
We remind that foreign investors can contact our law firm in Dubai for comprehensive legal support in varied aspects.


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