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A $1 Billion Investment Fund for Maritime Sector in Dubai

Written by: Editor

A-$1-billion-investment-fund-for-maritime-sector-in-Dubai.jpgThe maritime sector in Dubai is solid and in a continuous development. The companies registered with the Dubai Maritime City Authority can benefit from funding obtained from an investment fund of about $1 billion. The aim is to improve this important industry in the Emirates. There are numerous investment opportunities in the UAE and financiers are invited to solicit information and legal support in this matter from our lawyers in Dubai, as our team can provide details about the legislation.

Why invest in Dubai’s maritime sector in 2017?

An investment fund of $1 billion is for sure a daring project which is about to become reality in Dubai. As the authorities say, the investment fund should be directed and focused on the maritime sector, in order to develop it as much as possible. It is true, several financial authorities and the Dubai Maritime City Authority are debating this significant project to support the firms registered in the maritime sector in the city to develop in the next few years.
Besides financing from banks, mergers and public offers that are potential fund sources, major companies are invited to buy ships or to perform transactions. Therefore, foreign investors are invited to be part of an interesting development plan in Dubai. If you want more details on this matter or if you want to make investments in the UAE, it is recommended to ask for legal support and comprehensive information from our attorneys in Dubai.

Revitalization of the shipping sector in Dubai, a major plan in 2017 

Even though state-owned banks in the UAE are top investors in such significant project to develop the maritime sector in the country, investments from overseas are expected to join the expensive plan in Dubai. As soon as the investment fund is established, the UACC (United Arab Chemical Carriers) the largest shipping firm in the Emirates can be attained for about $200 million. Revitalizing the shipping industry in Dubai is for sure a long-term business if foreign money sources will be directed in this area.
If you want to make investments in the UAE and you need a starting point, we recommend you to contact our law firm in Dubai for legal assistance.


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