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Profits of About $3 Billion Registered by the Dubai's Sovereign Wealth Fund


The first half of 2017 has been crucial and successful for the business environment in Dubai. As a statement in this matter, the Dubai’s sovereign wealth fund, respectively the Investment Corporation of Dubai, registered profits of approximately $ 2.8 billion or AED 10.3 billion for the first months of this year, between January and June. With a continuous and fruitful expansion, Dubai awaits and welcomes foreign investments in a wide range of industries. The legislation related to the business field in Dubai and the legal methods through which you can set up your business may be explained by our lawyers in Dubai.

Dubai Investments Park: Foreign Ownership Limit in the Company Raised from 35% to 49%


Dubai Investments Park represents a high-quality project which comprises the commercial, residential and industrial activities in only one place. It is also considered a city built in a city, as the complex is controlled by Dubai Investments Park Development Company LLC. With remarkable services and infrastructure, many foreign entrepreneurs decide to relocate in this area for business purposes. Because it is a successful project, the authorities have decided to raise the limit of ownerships in foreign companies, this way encouraging even more the foreign investments. Business persons interested in placing their activities in Dubai Investments Park or in Dubai’s free zones are suggested to ask for legal support from our lawyers in Dubai.

Investments and Entrepreneurship to be Promoted at Expo 2020 Dubai


Expo 2020 Dubai is a long-awaited event which gathers and connects business people and future entrepreneurs from around the world, having one purpose only: how to create a better future with the help of technology on a global level. Participants are invited to present their projects and meet potential investors for future and fruitful business partnerships. Dubai has always been open to investments, and persons who want to benefit from a stable and reliable business environment should also seek information about the legislation in varied fields. Our lawyers in Dubai are at your disposal with legal services on request in matters related to investments and company formation.

UAE, the Top-Ranked Economy in the Arabian Gulf


The past 15 years have been crucial for the UAE's  fast forward development, as there were numerous reforms and investments made, focusing on quality and fast implementation. Businesses in Dubai have proven easy to implement and grow, numerous investors having success in their area of interest which is shown in their annual profits. Your investments can also flourish in Dubai if you decide for suitable business areas. In compliance with the legislation related to foreign investments, we suggest you ask for legal support from our lawyers in Dubai.

Uptown Dubai to Develop Until 2020


Without a doubt, Dubai is a metropolis with one of the fastest development rates in the world. This time, the authorities planned a new commercial and residential area named Uptown Dubai, to “compete” with Downtown Dubai, a well-known suburban zone. Numerous investors have declared their interests in the new project which is set to launch in 2020. The legislation related to the foreign investments in the UAE is permissible and can be explained by our lawyers in Dubai.

New Investments in Dubai Future Accelerators Programs


In a continuous development in varied areas for a better living among many others, Dubai is ready for a new level of innovation. The aviation sector, for instance, will attract varied investments as there are numerous solutions and challenges related to a self-driving fleet to boost the airline efficiency in the Emirates. Foreign investments have been accepted in numerous innovative sectors in Dubai, and the trend keeps developing. With complete legal support from our lawyers in Dubai, entrepreneurs from abroad can establish their presence on the Arabian market.

How to Open a Bank Account in Dubai


Businessmen who want to start their activities in Dubai, whether they are from the UAE or from overseas should consider opening a bank account for the minimum share capital if required, and for further financial transactions. There are numerous banks in the Emirates from which an entrepreneur can choose, considering that each financial institution respects the provisions of the Banking Law in the UAE. Our lawyers in Dubai can help you set up a bank account for your company in Dubai.

Obtain the Residence Permit for Investors in Dubai


Foreign citizens who make investments in Dubai can obtain the residence permit and can benefit from the rights which come with such an important document. Buying properties or opening investment funds can be suitable options for foreigners interested in a residence permit in Dubai. There are several conditions to take into consideration once you have decided to apply for a residence permit which can be explained by our lawyers in Dubai.

Over 30,000 New Houses to be Finished in Dubai in 2017


Dubai Marina, Palm Jumeirah, Dubailand, Downtown Dubai and Dubai Silicon Oasis are among residential areas which will develop by the end of 2017 with several accommodations already constructed but not finished yet. Being known for the fast-forward development in varied sectors, Dubai welcomes all investors who are interested in the real estate sector, one of the most important fields in the city. Businessmen can talk to one of our lawyers in Dubai for legal aspects in this matter and in company formation in Dubai.

A New Record of Foreign Tourists in Dubai in First Half of 2017

Dubai continues to be a preferred destination worldwide, as the tourism revealed significant developments in the past few years. There has been a new record registered in the first six months of this year regarding the tourists who have chosen Dubai for business or for leisure. With a 10.6% growth compared to 2016, Dubai continues with the same trend, as this important sector accelerates each year. Numerous investors from abroad decide to develop several businesses in the UAE, considering the varied opportunities in many sectors. Complete legal guidance in this matter can be obtained from our lawyers in Dubai.

The GDP in Dubai is Expected to Grow by 4% in 2017


The non-oil trade sector in Dubai continues to reveal new numbers, as challenges in the global economy have been successfully passed. It has been registered a growth of 2.7% in the non-oil trade sector in Dubai, making experts in economy consider that the GDP (gross domestic product) will grow by 4% this year. Businessmen interested in making investments in Dubai can benefit from numerous advantages in this matter and can be legally advised by our lawyers in Dubai.

The Non-Oil Sector in Dubai Met Significant Changes in June 2017


The businesses in the non-oil private sector in Dubai continue to flourish, according to statistics and to the tracker index for Dubai, which revealed that the economy developed in June this year. Entrepreneurs interested in starting their activities in the Emirates are advised to solicit legal support and information about the current legislation from our lawyers in Dubai.

UAE Offers Renewable Energy Aid Amounting US$1 Billion


The renewable energy sector in Dubai continues to develop, as major plans have been presented this year regarding the investments in the long term. 2050 should be the year when at least 44% of the energy in Dubai will be obtained through renewable resources. Even more, numerous countries have developed a huge interest in the renewable energy sector and representatives will share their daring projects at the International Renewable Energy Agency meeting this year. The interesting part is that there is about $1 billion directed for local or foreign projects related to the renewable energy solutions. The legislation related to the foreign investments in this important area can be explained by our lawyers in Dubai.

Dubai Investment Park, a Growing Business Destination

As a well-developed business hub, Dubai needed an integrated industrial community, and now, the Dubai Investments Park is the preferred destination for many investors in search of a proper business place in the Emirates. There are numerous companies which activate in the main areas of interests of Dubai, like, construction, textiles, oil & gas or chemicals and decide to rent warehouses in the Dubai Investments Park. If you are interested in opening a company in Dubai and you need to understand the rules and the regulations in this matter, it is recommended to ask for information from our lawyers in Dubai.

A $1 Billion Investment Fund for Maritime Sector in Dubai


The maritime sector in Dubai is solid and in a continuous development. The companies registered with the Dubai Maritime City Authority can benefit from funding obtained from an investment fund of about $1 billion. The aim is to improve this important industry in the Emirates. 

About $15 Billion From Non-Oil Trade Between the UAE and Japan


The UAE and Japan have always tried to maintain fruitful economic relations and succeeded to focus on the mutual welfares during the past years. According to the UAE’s new report on the economy, the non-oil trade between the two powerful countries has recorded a historical high, about $15 billion. Businessmen interested in trading activities in China should solicit guidance and legal advice from our lawyers in Dubai. You may also ask details about the investment occasions you can discover in the UAE.


Dubai, Among Top 10 Cities in Attracting FDI


If you say Dubai, you say a developed and attractive city, a significant business hub which seems to expand every second. There is a multitude of interesting opportunities in Dubai, which can be discovered and accepted by financiers worldwide in search of good profits. The city has registered an interesting number related to the foreign direct investments, being positioned on the seventh place among worldwide municipalities where huge investments were recorded.

Retail Rents to Drop in Dubai Related to E-Commerce Growth


The e-commerce has recently met a significant growth in numerous areas of interests, a strong reason why retailers with shops in the biggest malls in Dubai can negotiate the rental prices. This comes as a natural process because the online shopping addresses to a particular category of clients, which is continuously increasing, as the numbers say. If you want to establish your business presence on the Arabian market and you need complete information and legal advice in this matter, we suggest you get in touch with our lawyers in Dubai.

Dubai Strengthens the Business Collaboration with Latin America

The Emirates and  Latin America want to reinforce their economic relations by introducing a new representative office in Argentina, as the delegates of both countries announced earlier this year. With a fruitful collaboration in the past, the UAE and the Latin America will be part of a new trade assignment which involves trade activities in the main economic sectors like agriculture, tourism, finance, IT or infrastructure.
With this important project, numerous investments are expected to rise and to develop in the following years. If you are interested in making investments in Dubai or you need tax advice for your company, it is best to solicit complete information in this matter from our lawyers in Dubai.

New Projects to Develop on Jumeirah Beach in 2017


In about four years an important project will be implemented in Dubai near Burj al Arab at the Jumeirah Beach. A complete and luxurious resort will be developed in the city, a project which will involve a few million dollars and important investors. The plan is to attract even more tourists who can benefit from exclusive amenities in only one place, and that is Jumeirah beach.

Dubai aims to attract 20 million visitors for Expo 2020


The World Expo 2020 which will be hosted by Dubai is going to last for maximum six months and it will address a topic of universal interest. The organisers aim to attract 20 million visitors for Expo 2020 and have announced that the exhibition will be a festival of "human ingenuity" which means that a strong accent will be put on innovation and development in industrial and commercial areas and not only. Dubai has already a long commercial tradition in the technology sector with an entire free zone dedicated to research facilities and IT infrastructure. Investors who want to open a company in Dubai Silicon Oasis may rely on our law firm in Dubai

Massive increase of Chinese and Russian tourists visiting Dubai


The tourism sector is one of the most popular non-oil commercial businesses in the UAE, which ensures Dubai financial gains and a constant rate of development. In the last years, the growth in this sector has exceeded 11% annually, which was a significant increase that left traces in the economic activity of the country. Dubai is more and more a favorite destination for visitors from China and Russia, and they are expected to be a key driver for this sector in the following years as well. Investors in tourism can rely on our Dubai lawyers for more information regarding various legal procedures such as company formation or business visa application.

Dubai, one of the world’s most competitive maritime clusters


Dubai ranks in the international surveys among the top five maritime clusters in terms of competitivety. In the indexes of this year, Dubai has occupied the fifth place, which means the city has ascended three places compared to last two years. More investors are attracted to invest in the maritime industry and the friendly tax climate of the emirate encourages their initiatives. Our lawyers in Dubai can provide assistance in company formation procedures in Dubai and help you with information regarding the local maritime legislation.

The Advantages of Real Estate Arbitration in UAE


Two important institutions, Dubai’s RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) and the DIAC (Dubai International Arbitration Centre) together with the legal community have encouraged companies to solve their disputes over real estate contracts through arbitration. The main argument is that this form of resolution is a much more effective and expeditious way to reach an agreement between the parties. Our law firm in Dubai provides legal services such as assistance in an arbitration process.

New Economic Opportunities in Trade Relations between UAE and India


Mutual relations between UAE and India are in a very positive trend. The signing of 14 agreements at the beginning of this year is a clear sign that the two economies have in plan a long term relationship. The cooperation is planned for maritime transport as well as for the collaborative use of common storage facilities. The collaboration between the two nations relies as well on up to 58 billion $ commercial trade annually.