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Arbitration Court in Dubai

Arbitration Court in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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Arbitration is an alternative dispute resolution method based on an agreement between the parties and it can be used to settle certain disputes. Although it is not allowed to use arbitration in all cases, in order to be able to use arbitration when possible, companies in Dubai must include an arbitration clause or annex to the contracts signed with other parties.
Our lawyers in Dubai can give you examples of cases in which arbitration is preferred over litigation and help you know more about the arbitration rules and the arbitration process.

Rules for arbitration

Arbitration can only be used to settle disputes arising between two or more parties, if the parties in a contract stipulate the fact that the dispute can be referred to one or more arbitrators for settlement. If the parties agree to settle a dispute this way, they can no longer file for a lawsuit before the courts in Dubai. However, if one of the parties does file a lawsuit and the other party does not object, the lawsuit may be considered and the ruling of the arbitration cancelled.
Arbitrators are appointed by the parties, either specifically mentioned in the agreement or when a dispute arises. The arbitrator cannot be a minor or an individual who is bankrupt or legally deprived of his or her civil rights. If the case requires more arbitrators, their number must be odd.
Our Dubai attorneys can help you conclude an arbitration agreement or annex, such an agreement to existing business contracts. 

The arbitration process

The Dubai International Arbitration Center offers arbitration services and facilities for regional and international business owners and individuals in Dubai. If a company or individual in Dubai wishes to commence an arbitration process, a request for arbitration can be sent to the Center. The process will undergo according to the established rules for arbitration used by the Center. During the arbitration proceedings, each party has the right to be treated equally and is given the opportunity to present its case.
For more information about arbitration in Dubai and other conflict resolution methods, like mediation, you can contact our Dubai law firm.


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