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Civil Law in Dubai

Civil Law in Dubai

Updated on Tuesday 19th April 2016

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The Dubai Civil Code is the legislative document that governs all civil matters, trials and proceedings that involve civilians. Civil law in Dubai and in the United Arab Emirates is heavily based on the codes of other Arab countries, specifically Egypt. The Islamic Shari’a law is also a source of law and guiding principles in the UAE.
The Dubai Civil Code applies to civil and private transactions,but other commercial transactions conducted in various business activities are governed by other Codes, among which the Commercial Code. As a business owner in Dubai, you will need to observe both the provisions of the Civil Code and the Commercial Code. 
Our attorneys in Dubai  can help you with detailed information about these legislative documents and about how various laws apply in Dubai.

Persons and property in Dubai

The Dubai Civil Code is divided into Books, structured in chapters or parts which are also divided into sections. The legislative document covers a broad area regarding civil matters, from the definitions of the natural and legal person in Dubai, to property laws and proofs of rights. Book one of the code deals specifically with these personal obligations and rights of an individual. 
The Code also regulates contracts concluded between individuals in Dubai. The subject of a contract, as defined by law, can be either a property in Dubai, movable or immovable, benefits derived from property, a certain good or service, and other things not prohibited by law and not contrary to public order. The effects and dissolution of a contract are also defined in the Civil Code.

Civil liability in Dubai

The Civil Code defines acts causing harm which can be direct or consequential. The rights to receiving compensations for damages are defined by law and also included in the Code.
Companies in Dubai are defined as a contract in which two or more individuals are bound to participate in a financial property. Regardless of the type of company, it will be regarded as a legal person immediately after it has been incorporated. Also defined in the Civil Code, there are the elements of a company, the management of the company, the effects of a company and the termination of a company.
Our Dubai law firm can offer you counselling, if you want to open a business in the UAE. Or lawyers can provide various legal services, including legal representation. 
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