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Dubai, Among Top 10 Cities in Attracting FDI


If you say Dubai, you say a developed and attractive city, a significant business hub which seems to expand every second. There is a multitude of interesting opportunities in Dubai, which can be discovered and accepted by financiers worldwide in search of good profits. The city has registered an interesting number related to the foreign direct investments, being positioned on the seventh place among worldwide municipalities where huge investments were recorded.

Retail Rents to Drop in Dubai Related to E-Commerce Growth


The e-commerce has recently met a significant growth in numerous areas of interests, a strong reason why retailers with shops in the biggest malls in Dubai can negotiate the rental prices. This comes as a natural process because the online shopping addresses to a particular category of clients, which is continuously increasing, as the numbers say. If you want to establish your business presence on the Arabian market and you need complete information and legal advice in this matter, we suggest you get in touch with our lawyers in Dubai.

Dubai Strengthens the Business Collaboration with Latin America

The Emirates and  Latin America want to reinforce their economic relations by introducing a new representative office in Argentina, as the delegates of both countries announced earlier this year. With a fruitful collaboration in the past, the UAE and the Latin America will be part of a new trade assignment which involves trade activities in the main economic sectors like agriculture, tourism, finance, IT or infrastructure.
With this important project, numerous investments are expected to rise and to develop in the following years. If you are interested in making investments in Dubai or you need tax advice for your company, it is best to solicit complete information in this matter from our lawyers in Dubai.

New Projects to Develop on Jumeirah Beach in 2017


In about four years an important project will be implemented in Dubai near Burj al Arab at the Jumeirah Beach. A complete and luxurious resort will be developed in the city, a project which will involve a few million dollars and important investors. The plan is to attract even more tourists who can benefit from exclusive amenities in only one place, and that is Jumeirah beach.

Dubai aims to attract 20 million visitors for Expo 2020


The World Expo 2020 which will be hosted by Dubai is going to last for maximum six months and it will address a topic of universal interest. The organisers aim to attract 20 million visitors for Expo 2020 and have announced that the exhibition will be a festival of "human ingenuity" which means that a strong accent will be put on innovation and development in industrial and commercial areas and not only. Dubai has already a long commercial tradition in the technology sector with an entire free zone dedicated to research facilities and IT infrastructure. Investors who want to open a company in Dubai Silicon Oasis may rely on our law firm in Dubai

Massive increase of Chinese and Russian tourists visiting Dubai


The tourism sector is one of the most popular non-oil commercial businesses in the UAE, which ensures Dubai financial gains and a constant rate of development. In the last years, the growth in this sector has exceeded 11% annually, which was a significant increase that left traces in the economic activity of the country. Dubai is more and more a favorite destination for visitors from China and Russia, and they are expected to be a key driver for this sector in the following years as well. Investors in tourism can rely on our Dubai lawyers for more information regarding various legal procedures such as company formation or business visa application.

Dubai, one of the world’s most competitive maritime clusters


Dubai ranks in the international surveys among the top five maritime clusters in terms of competitivety. In the indexes of this year, Dubai has occupied the fifth place, which means the city has ascended three places compared to last two years. More investors are attracted to invest in the maritime industry and the friendly tax climate of the emirate encourages their initiatives. Our lawyers in Dubai can provide assistance in company formation procedures in Dubai and help you with information regarding the local maritime legislation.

The Advantages of Real Estate Arbitration in UAE


Two important institutions, Dubai’s RERA (Real Estate Regulatory Agency) and the DIAC (Dubai International Arbitration Centre) together with the legal community have encouraged companies to solve their disputes over real estate contracts through arbitration. The main argument is that this form of resolution is a much more effective and expeditious way to reach an agreement between the parties. Our law firm in Dubai provides legal services such as assistance in an arbitration process.

New Economic Opportunities in Trade Relations between UAE and India


Mutual relations between UAE and India are in a very positive trend. The signing of 14 agreements at the beginning of this year is a clear sign that the two economies have in plan a long term relationship. The cooperation is planned for maritime transport as well as for the collaborative use of common storage facilities. The collaboration between the two nations relies as well on up to 58 billion $ commercial trade annually.

A Promising Start for the Real Estate Market in Abu Dhabi in 2017

The real estate domain is a promising and fast evolving business sector in the UAE. The growing interest in the property acquisition is also doubled by a supportive policy from the Emirates authorities. Abu Dhabi Urban Planning Council (UPC) facilitates the commercialization of real estate also through the organization of sale events which are expected to lead to a significant growth of the market this year. If you operate in the real estate area it is recomendable to consider as well an investment in the Emirates.

UAE Signs Oil Agreement for Strategic Storage

An important agreement regarding oil storage has been signed between Indian Strategic Petroleum Reserves Ltd and Abu Dhabi National Oil Company. This move represents as well a way of strengthening the ties between these two nations in view of future cooperation and economic partnership.

UAE Launches a Program for Fast Settling of Trade Disputes


Elaborated by the DED (Department of Economic Development), the buyer protection program launched by the UAE is an important tool for protecting the traders who import goods from the Emirates. This is also a powerful instrument for increasing the efficiency and the dimensions of the import-export activity between UAE and other nations. 

UAE ranks 3rd in the top of long term infrastructure investments


In 2016, UAE was one of the most successful spots for investments in infrastructure. Along with the public funds used in infrastructure, UAE is orienting now more and more to alternatives of private investments, in order to counterbalance eventual barriers of development that can be caused by short term fluctuations, such as security issues, currency devaluations or variations in commodity prices.

Huge Growth Potential for the Insurance Sector in the UAE

In 2016, UAE has been one of the most attractive places for investments in the insurance sector. The UAE continues to leave room for foreign investment in this sector, with an insurance market made up of less than 40 local companies and less than 30 foreign branches operating in this industry. The insurance sector has been doubling its profits in the last four years and has proven a medium annual growth of 13.8%. 

Advantageous Amendments to the Visa System in the UAE

After the Cabinet meeting chaired by the Vice-President and Prime Minister of the UAE, the Emirates have adopted a new visa system. Previously, all those who wanted to apply for a visa in this country had to register to the General Directorate of Residency and Foreigners Affairs (GDRFA) offices.

E-commerce Sector to Thrive in the Next Years in UAE

The UAE population didn’t seem so much interested in the e-commerce before 2013. Only 9% of the persons interviewed were admitting to have been shopping online, at least once, over one year. However things are rapidly changing and almost half of the shoppers use now online assistance before actually buying a product. 

New Investments in the UAE Renewable Energy Sector

A more and more present global concern, the transition to alternative energy is making progresses in the UAE through international cooperation. One of the main investment advisors in renewable energy has opened an office in Dubai at the end of 2016 giving investors strong reasons to diversify their portfolios in the renewable technology sector.

The UAE Insolvency Law and its Potential to Change the Business Dynamics


The UAE Bankruptcy Law has the potential to improve the credit dynamics in the region and offer guidance for the implementation of updated insolvency regimes in other countries in the area. Experts believe that the changes brought to the existing laws will provide more options for corporate restructuring. A solid legislative system will also translate into an improved investors’ confidence in the UAE. Our lawyers in Dubai can offer more information about the most important provisions concerning bankruptcy and insolvency in the Emirates.

Dubai Authorities Plan to Attract One Million Tourists by 2020


Dubai aims to become an even more attractive tourism destination through a better promotion of cruise ship tourism. The planned growth for the 2016/2017 season is as high as 18 percent, compared to other years. The cruise ship sector in Dubai has grown since 2014 after the multiple entry visa scheme was implemented in the UAE. This was beneficial for many foreign investors in Dubai and the rest of the emirates, especially for those from India or China.

A Bankruptcy Law Could be Beneficial for Non-Oil Businesses in Dubai

Businesses in Dubai that are facing financial hurdles could be helped by a revised bankruptcy law. A draft document containing new provisions for the bankruptcy measures implemented in Dubai has recently passed the first stage of approval and is awaiting a presidential decree. Investors in Dubai who are targeting non-oil business fields will be the ones to benefit most if the changes are implemented.

Terminating an Employment Contract in Dubai in its Mid-Term


Employees in Dubai are bound by the employment contract to respect the terms from resigning from the job. Failure to observe the mandatory notice period or the improper contract termination on part of the employee have consequences for the individual. Companies in Dubai will usually have an HR department that handles these types of cases. Those in need of legal assistance for employment issues can request the services of a law firm in Dubai.

Tourism and Travel Growth in Dubai in the Third Quarter of 2016


The non-oil economy in Dubai has been showing signs of growth, with one of the most significant sectors being tourism. The third quarter of 2016 was the most profitable for non-oil economic activities, and it was also a time when travel bookings grew. Investors in Dubai who are interested in starting a business in a non-oil business sector can open a company in one of the Free Zones with the help of our lawyers in Dubai.

Dubai, one of the Best Financial Centres in the World


Dubai was ranked fourth among the tip financial centres in the world in a recent top put together by consulting company Arcadis. The criteria for the evaluation was mainly based on the overall business climate in the cities – Dubai managing to score well in several sub-categories, proving that it remains a city that is attractive to foreign investors.

How to Make an Online Property Will in Dubai


Residents in Dubai, as well as non-residents, have a new option to pass on property they own through an online will. This document will be drafted online, especially for real estate owned in Dubai and will easy the process of creating a will and handling the necessary procedures to pass on owned property. Our Dubai lawyers can help you draft any wills, including this new type of property will.

How to obtain compensations after a personal injury


People from all around the world may get involved in personal injury cases in their residence country or abroad and they need to know how to act in such cases in order to be safe and to obtain certain compensations they are entitled to. Most common personal injuries appear after vehicle accidents, slip and fall, medical malpractice, dog bites etc.